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A community for fans of Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke
About Dear Girl ~Stories~
Dear Girl ~Stories~ (DGS for short) is a radio show hosted by Kamiya Hiroshi (HiroC) and Ono Daisuke (OnoD). DGS airs every Saturday at 25:00am on Bunka Housou channel (JOQR AM 1134kHZ). First airing on April 7, 2007, this show targetting female listeners has gained wide popularity and has its own loyal fanbase. The fame of the show then earned it a spot in the bimonthly magazine, Sylph, in the form of manga called Dear Girl ~Stories~ Hibiki.

Both Ono and Kamiya are doing other radios too but DGS is special in the way that is summarized in this dialogue.....
DGS 89 (21:30)
HiroC: I'm hosting other radio programs too, but for me, Dear Girl ~Stories~ is where it all started. Every staff is trying to make this program as fun as possible.
OnoD: Yeah. No matter how a personality tries, a personality alone won't make it work.
HiroC: You need a proper script writer, a proper director, a proper producer.....and a stupid partner to talk to.

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