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megane hiroc

Summary of C&D releases of month February 2011

Here's some summary of C&D releases in February, didn't include the loads of DVD and magazines info.

Date Title Price (Yen)
2011/02/04 [Roudoku CD] Seiyuu ga yomu series - Ogura hyakunin issyu [声優が詠むシリーズ 声優小倉百人一首] (CV: Ono Daisuke) 5,250
2011/02/23 Voice Colors Series + ~Omoi~ (CV: Ono Daisuke) 2,310
2011/02/25 Kiramune Music Festival 2010 Live DVD(CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) 7,500

That's all I can find for February for the moment but starting from March I'm going to be so dead by all the releases from 2 of them orz
Kamiya - For myself

Stories preorder

Hey everyone! Preorder the DGS album, Stories, at CD Japan and get a free poster!! They better give a poster at Animate too since I already preordered there. ^^;; They probably will though since all the DGS singles so far have come with one.

Anyway, it's while supplies last so PREORDER NOW!!!!

Also, the cover for the KiraFes 2010 DVD has been uploaded to Amazon.

Preorder HERE if you haven't already!
Kamiya - hat


ZONO wrote on Twitter that it was announced during today's event that Kamiya will be releasing his second single on April 6th!!!!!!!! And according to someone who was at the event, the title will be "Nijiiro Choucho."

WA~I!!! I wonder if he will release a full album at this pace... And of course a full album = LIVE! XDDDD

So excited!!

God my throat still hurts from all the screaming of "OnoD~~~~~~~!!!" yesterday, LoL. And I can't stop watching the Netsuretsu ANSWER PV and doing the dance. x___x
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OnoD - Kazahana


Back from OrePara. I've written my report here.
OMG it is sooooooooooo fuuuuuuuuuuun to do the Netsuretsu ANSWER dance with everyone! XDDD OnoD was sooooooooo handsome!!

Photos from blogs...
Terashima -
Kaji -
OnoD's wearing the same shirt he wore for the Kazahana shoot! X.D (See my icon)

PS Kamiya was ranked #9 on CDTV but I forgot to watch it cuz I was busy writing my report and listening to DGS! T___T Hopefully someone will upload it.
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